Foster Grant Our Story!


Foster Grant has a long, storied history which began in 1929 when Sam Foster sold the first pair of sunglasses at Woolworth’s on the Atlantic City boardwalk – making Foster Grant "The Original American Sunglass Brand™".

During the golden era of American film in the 1950’s, Foster Grant epitomized effortless chic and our sunglasses were worn by iconic Hollywood stars. In the 1960's, Foster Grant pioneered one of the world's most well-known advertising slogans, "Who's That Behind Those Foster Grants?”, which was recognized as a Top 100 Campaign of the 20th Century by Advertising Age.

Today, Foster Grant is a global leader in eyewear because we deliver the perfect blend of fashion, fit, and function. In fact, nobody sells more sunglasses and reading glasses in the U.S. than Foster Grant.

Foster Grant continues to proudly deliver superior styling, quality and value to consumers worldwide. While the brand celebrates the essence of Classic Americana our passionate and talented team of designers stays on the edge of trends creating sunglasses that are modern and up to date so you can uniquely express your individual style. We offer a huge array of styles designed to meet all your needs. From cutting edge, on-trend sunglasses, to classic styles, and everything in between like sunglasses for driving, polarized sunglasses, sporty wraps great for an active lifestyle, and even non-prescription reading glasses. In fact, nobody sells more sunglasses in the US than Foster Grant. Every pair of Foster Grant sunglasses is equipped with MaxBlock® 100% UVA-UVB lens protection and made from lightweight, durable materials, built for quality and value. Take a few minutes to explore the site and see why Foster Grant is the most trusted brand in eyewear.