Full Day™ Readers

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Tips for Wearing Full Day™ Readers:

Foster Grant Full Day Readers are a completely new type of reader. It may take your eyes several days or more to comfortably adjust to this new viewing experience.

You may find that the reader portion at the bottom of the lens is smaller and lower than what you are accustomed to. This is normal and part of the lens design, which allows there to be no magnification on most of the lens and a no-line reader segment only where you need it.

Fit is critical to experiencing the benefits of Full Day Readers. The frame should comfortably sit at the top of your nose, such that your eyes are level with the center of the lenses. This will allow you to comfortably see through the non-magnified portion of glass with the reader segment in the right place as you look down to read.

Foster Grant Full Day Readers feature an anti-reflective coating for enhanced visual comfort. You may notice that this coating adds a subtle tint of color to the lenses.

Proper Full Day Reader Placement Proper Full Day Reader Placement

Wear Full Day™ Readers on the bridge of your nose, as you would prescription glasses. Full Day™ Readers are not designed to sit on the tip of your nose.